Je ne sais quois

Written by Alana Cherry and Victoria Zerbst

Produced by SUDS



Rather than the sometimes-masturbatory writing of some “edgy” productions, this play’s introspection was simply another way for the audience to connect with the universality of the character’s experiences. The play was informative without being dogmatic, moralising without being heavy-handed pedagogy. It’s themes were familiar, and yet the setting and presentation of made it feel new, and atypical, especially for a student audience.

It makes no bones about its highbrow nature, admitting in the opening performance that it’s strewn with largely unnecessary but nonetheless pleasing literary references. No knowledge of arcane literary concepts is however required to enjoy the experience.

Je Ne Sais Quoi is at times subtler than you might expect, but this is part of its charm. It offers no sweeping answers, no great statements as to how the world operates. Yet it tells a story, and tells it in a way which is interesting, and unexpected. Yet the most resounding part of the play was the performances of the actors and actresses, whose purpose and passion meant their story could reach you, no matter what language you speak.

 - Peter Burrell-Sander for Honi Soit